FAA Part 107

Commercial Drone License Required in the USA


Part 107 Certificate required!

Flying drones in the US for commercial purposes (versus recreational or educational purposes) requires the pilot to obtain a Part 107 Certificate from the FAA. Commercial drone work is defined by the pilot obtaining anything of value in return for the flight operations.

Part 107 Certificate

If you're not FAA-certified, and you are looking to become a certified remote pilot, we highly recommend Drone Pilot Ground School

Rules for All Part 107 Flights

  • Always avoid manned aircraft.

  • Never operate in a careless or reckless manner.

  • Keep your drone within sight. If you use First Person View or similar technology, you must have a visual observer always keep your drone within unaided sight (for example, no binoculars).

  • You cannot be a pilot or visual observer for more than one drone operation at a time.

  • Do not fly a drone over people unless they are directly participating in the operation.

  • Do not operate your drone from a moving vehicle or aircraft unless you are flying your drone over a sparsely populated area and it does not involve the transportation of property for compensation or hire.

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Testing Centers - Where Can you take your Exam?

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FAA Part 107

Commercial Drone License Required in the USA

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