HTTP Response Codes

Scanifly uses the standard HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. Codes that begin with 2xx mean that the request that you’ve sent has processed successfully while codes that begin with 4xx mean that the request has failed. Codes that begin with 5xx mean that there is an error with Scanifly's servers.

Here are some of the common codes that you will see when interacting with our API:

200 Success: The request has successfully processed.

201 Created: The request was successfully processed and a resource was created.

400 Bad Request: The request cannot be processed due to something that is perceived to be a client error (malformed request syntax, invalid request body, etc).

401 Unauthorized: The request could not be authenticated due to a missing or invalid access token.
403 Forbidden: The provided access token was successfully authenticated but not authorized to access the requested resource.

404 Not Found: The request was partially processed. The access token is valid but the resource that you are requesting does not exist and cannot be found.

429 Too Many Requests: The request could not be processed. The client exceeded Scanifly’s API rate limit. We are currently rate limiting our API endpoints to ensure stability. Our default rate limit is 60 requests per minute. The rate limit is applied to all requests sent from the same IP address.

5xx Internal Error: This means that there is an error with our server. If you see this error, please email .