In Scanifly, a project represents a customer (residential, commercial, utility, etc.) that wants to go solar. Projects are associated with a physical location via an address and GPS coordinates, and may contain multiple solar system designs.

Use the Create Project endpoint if you have not yet created a project in Scanifly for the property associated with a lead in your CRM. This will push the information from your CRM to Scanifly, so your site surveyor doesn't have to retype everything. They just show up at the location and fly the site.

If you have an existing project in Scanifly and you want to link it to a lead in your CRM, you'll use the List Projects and Retrieve Project endpoints. First, call the List Projects endpoint. This will return the high level information you need to select one of your Scanifly projects. Then use the Retrieve Project endpoint to pull all the other project information.

Once your CRM lead has been associated with a Scanifly project, you'll be able to pull information about your Scanifly designs into your CRM with the List Designs endpoint.

Here is a list of the data points currently available to the API, followed by a guide to their location in the Scanifly UI. Note that not all of these data points are available in the UI; some fields such as ID, etc. are background information not visible on screen.

1   id
2   ownerDetails
    2a firstName
    2b  lastName
    2c  phone
    2d  Email
3   name
4   geolocation
    4a  latitude
    4b  longitude
5   address
6   externalMetadata
    6a  crmProjectId
7   status
8   createdAt
9   updatedAt
10  type
11  teammates
    11a id
    11b firstName
    11c lastName
    11d email
    11e position
    11f phone
12  monthlyUsage
13  shareLinkUrl
2880 2880 2880 2880