The Scanifly API lets you integrate your applications seamlessly with the Scanifly Platform. You will be able to leverage our APIs to create workflows, minimize time spent on duplicate data entry, and mitigate the risk of potential data loss. We have built the Scanifly API with security in mind meaning you do not have to worry about anyone having access to your sensitive company data but you. With our API you can:

  1. Create a new project in Scanifly from within your CRM (using the Create Project endpoint)
  2. Retrieve projects for your organization from within Scanifly and match them to leads in your CRM (using the List Projects or Retrieve Projects endpoints)
  3. Retrieve designs that have been created in Scanifly (using the List Designs endpoint)
  4. Retrieve reports generated in Scanifly3D for a project design
    • Shade Report
    • Hourly Production
    • Parallel Projection All Planes DXF
    • 2D wireframe DXF
    • 3D wireframe DXF
    • Combined DXF
    • Project Info
    • Share Link